AVG9.0SP3 Beta2版本釋出、開放下載測試.

今天回家也有上Gmail收信,發現AVG廠商有發信來告知SP3 Beta2版本釋出載點,想說提供給有興趣的讀者自行測試: ).

AVG 9.0 SP3 Beta2 (both consumer and business edition)

Remote Administration 9.0 SP3 Beta2

AVG Standalone LinkScanner 9.0 SP3 Beta2

Full list of fixes and changes has been updated in the Downloads section (and FAQ 2759 has been updated, too) next to respective program packages.


* Search Shield functionality is not fully working in Gmail environment.
* Toolbar cannot be correctly disabled (uninstalled) under Windows 7.
* Missing LinkScanner ratings in older versions of Firefox (2.x).
* Flyovers and ratings may not be properly shown in highly specific situation.

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