Avast5 介面亮相


,我很高興我現在可以透露的一些初步信息,即將到來的avast ! version 5.第5版。 The first thing to note is that the product is coming relatively soon.首先要注意的是,該產品是未來相對迅速。 Namely, we’re currently planning to release it this October.也就是說,我們目前正計劃將它釋放今年10月。

The product will be offered in three flavors: a free AV (that will supersede avast! 4.8 Home Edition), a paid AV (successor of avast! Professional Edition) and a full Internet Security suite.該產品將提供三個版本:一個免費的AV (即將取代avast ! 4.8家庭版) ,付費的AV (繼承avast !專業版)和一個完整的網絡安全套件。 As usual, all customers (or users) with a valid avast!像往常一樣,所有客戶(或用戶)提供了有效的avast ! subscription will get a free upgrade to this new version.用戶將獲得免費升級到這一新版本。

The free AV will, of course, contain all the features from the existing Home Edition, plus a couple of new extras (I’ll be sharing more details on the blog as time goes by).免費視聽,當然包含所有的功能從現有的家庭版,加上一些新的演員(我將分享更多細節關於博客隨著時間的推移) 。 The paid AV now includes a new virtualization module as well as all the features from the free AV and features previously exclusive to avast!付費的AV現在包括一個新的虛擬化模塊,以及所有功能的免費AV和功能以前獨家avast ! 4.8 Pro. 4.8專業版。 And finally, the suite adds an antispam and firewall module and will thus provide you with a complete, worry-free protection.最後,增加了反垃圾郵件軟件和防火牆模塊,從而為您提供一個完整的,無憂無慮的保護。

All three products will share the same antivirus engine (eg all of them will still have exactly same detection rates) that has been substantially improved and optimized.這三款新產品將共享相同的防毒引擎(例如,所有這些將仍然有相同的檢測準確率)已經大大改善和優化。 It may sound like a cliché , but it’s a fact: the new engine can detect more viruses, while actually consuming less resources.這聽起來像老生常談 ,但它是一個事實:新的引擎可以檢測更多的病毒,而實際消耗更少的資源。

The performance optimizations were not confined to the AV engine only; the program now uses various tricks to feel as light as possible and to not interfere with your work in any way.該性能優化不局限於殺毒引擎只;該計劃現在使用的各種技巧,覺得輕如可能並不會干擾你的工作以任何方式。 For example, we have radically improved the time it takes the computer to boot, making the slowdown imposed by avast!舉例來說,我們從根本上改善所花費的時間在計算機啟動,使經濟放緩所強加avast ! almost unnoticeable.幾乎無法察覺。 I’ll be very interested in getting some feedback from you on this one (as soon as you get a chance to test it – please read on).我會非常有興趣得到一些反饋,你對這個(只要您有機會來測試它-請繼續閱讀) 。

Starting with version 5, avast!從第5版, avast ! now officially supports heuristics (proactive detection), although between me and you, many of the stuff has already been present in the previous versions – but we haven’t marketed it in any way.現在正式支持啟發式(主動偵測) ,雖然我和你之間,許多東西已經出現在以前的版本-但我們還沒有上市的任何方式。 Also, detection of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) has been added.此外,檢測潛在惡意程序( PUP )已添加。 Additionally, version 5 includes a new code emulator (or in fact, a dynamic translation module, to be technically correct) that will be of great help eg when unpacking malware samples packed/protected by unknown packers (as is the case pretty often).此外,第5版包括一個新的代碼模擬器(或事實上,它是一個動態的翻譯模塊,在技術上是正確的) ,將有很大幫助例如當拆包惡意軟件樣本包裝/保護被身份不明的包裝(如漂亮常常) 。

All three products also feature a new user interface which has been completely redesigned for this new version.所有三種產品還具有一個新的用戶界面已經完全重新設計的這一新版本。 We’re abandoning the dual (simple vs. enhanced) UI model and replacing it with a single comfortable console, designed for both novice and experienced users.我們正在放棄雙(簡單與增強)的UI模式,代之以一個舒適的控制台,旨在為初學者和有經驗的用戶。 I’m attaching a couple of screenshots to give you an idea of what the product actually looks like.我同時附上一份由截圖,讓您了解有哪些產品看起來。

文件系統盾(原“標準盾牌” )File System Shield (formerly “Standard Shield")文件系統盾(原“標準盾牌” )
文件系統的屏蔽設置File System Shield Settings文件系統的屏蔽設置
掃描網頁Scan page掃描網頁
掃描設置Scan Settings掃描設置
盾構統計Shield Statistics盾構統計
病毒通知Virus notification病毒通知

The beta testing of avast!該測試版的avast ! 5 will start in a couple of weeks (roughly by the end of July / beginning of August), so if you are interested to give it a try, please check back soon as I’ll be posting the details here on the blog as well as on our forums. 5將開始在幾個星期(約在7月底/ 8月初) ,所以如果你有興趣試試,請馬上回來,我會公佈詳情的博客以及作為對我們的論壇。