Avast 5.0 Beta 版本 正式發佈






而且程序介面也非常好看,有網友已經安裝完畢! 我會在下方貼上~

銘認為這次的介面非常的好看跟上一版本4x版的 MP3比起來非常好看

可惜免費版本無法享用防火牆保護 實在有點可惜!




Hi all,

here’s the first beta of the long-awaited avast antivirus version 5.0. So far, we’re only releasing a beta of the Free Antivirus (successor of avast 4.8 Home Edition). The betas of the Professional AV and the Security Suite will follow.

How to get it

The installation package can be downloaded from the following location: http://files.avast.com/files/beta/5.0/setup_av_free.exe

It should be possible to do the installation over existing v4.8, but this feature is still somewhat experimental so my suggestion would be to do a clean install (i.e. remove the current version of avast, reboot, and then do the install of v5 beta).

Limitations and bugs

This first beta still has some limitations/bugs/problems. To name the most important ones:

1. it currently doesn’t contain the most up-to-date defs. That is, part of the defs are somewhat outdated as we’re still making changes to the infrastructure. Hence, it is not recommended to use this beta as a tool to protect your system. Also, it is probably too early to do any detection tests at this time.

2. the Behavior Shield is not yet fully connected (has very limited functionality at the moment – is just a skeleton, really)

3. the antirootkit component is not connected

4. there is no licensing component in this version; i.e., no registration, no activation… however, there’s a hard-wired time bomb that will disable the program in about 2 months (there will be multiple beta refreshes before that happens, and hopefully even the final product)

5. the sounds are missing. We plan to have sounds in the final product (and later betas) but they’re not there now.

6. the design will likely change a little bit still… some of the corners will be rounded etc…

7. some of the Web Shield settings are missing

8. some of the Shield settings actually require the Shield to be restarted to become effective (Actions, Alerts, Report file, Packers, …)

9. the GUI sometimes doesn’t get refreshed automatically (i.e. you change something via the tray icon, and the main dialog doesn’t update itself to reflect that change)

10. the iNews, Community and Event log pages are just placeholders atm

11. the Scan Result window still needs some changes

12. the built-in program updater doesn’t ask for a reboot when it’s done (even if it’s necessary in order to apply the new update). Also, the update, when initiated from the main UI, may end up in an unexpected state. As an alternative, we recommend using the updater in Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> avast! Free Antivirus -> Change/Remove -> Update.


This is beta software. Use at your own risk.

BTW we plan to have roughly two beta refreshes a week until the program settles little bit. Then roughly one refresh a week.

If you encounter any crashes/bugs/problems or would just like to share your impressions, please start a new thread (don’t write to this one as it would soon grow too much).

I think we’ll also reopen the Beta subcategory of the forum soon, so this will be the place to write.




這裡的第一個測試版期待已久的avast防毒5.0版。到目前為止,我們只發布一個測試版的免費防毒(繼承avast 4.8家庭版) 。該測試版的專業影音和安全套件將隨之而來。


安裝程序包可從以下位置: http://files.avast.com/files/beta/5.0/setup_av_free.exe

應該能夠做到安裝在現有的v4.8 ,但這一功能,還是有些實驗,所以我的建議是做一個乾淨的安裝(即刪除當前版本的avast ,重新開機,然後執行安裝測試版第5版) 。



1 。它目前並不包含最最新defs 。也就是說,一部分defs是有些過時,因為我們還在進行修改的基礎設施。因此,不建議使用此測試作為一種工具來保護您的系統。另外,它可能是太早做任何檢測試驗在這個時候。

2 。盾構法的行為尚未完全連接(已十分有限的功能此刻-僅僅是一個骨架,真的)

3 。在antirootkit部分沒有連接

4 。沒有許可證的組成部分在這個版本中,即沒有登記,沒有激活…然而,有一個硬連線的定時炸彈,將禁用該程序在大約2個月(將有多個測試刷新之前出現這種情況,甚至希望最終產品)

5 。聲音失踪。我們計劃在有聲音的最終產品(後來的試用版) ,但它們不是現在。

6 。設計有可能將改變一點點仍…一些彎道將被取整等..

7 。一些網站屏蔽設置失踪

8 。一些盾設置實際需要盾牌重新啟動才能生效(行動,快訊,報告文件,包裝, … )

9 。在GUI有時不會自動更新(即你改變了通過托盤圖標,主要對話框不更新自己,以反映這一變化)

10 。在iNews ,社區和事件日誌頁面只是佔位符自動櫃員機

11 。掃描結果的窗口仍然需要一些變化

12 。內置的程序Updater不要求重新啟動時,這樣做(即使必要的,以適用於新的更新) 。此外,更新,從開始時的主要用戶界面,最後可能會在一個意想不到的狀態。作為一種替代辦法,我們建議您使用更新的控制面板“ – >添加/刪除程序- ” avast !免費防毒- “更改/刪除- > ”更新。



BTW ,我們計劃有兩個測試刷新大約一個星期,直到程序塞特爾斯一點。然後刷新大約一個星期。

如果您遇到任何事故/錯誤/問題或想分享您的印象,請啟動一個新線程(不寫一本,因為它很快就會增加太多) 。



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