AVG Internet Security 2011 Beta2

AVG 2011 Beta2發佈!


20101019補充:AVG 2011系列防毒軟體正式版發佈(點我進入觀看)


在各家大廠Avast、Kaspersky、Norton陸續發佈2011產品之後,AVG也沒有停擺,也在最近發表了AVG 2011 Beta1,今天開啟Gmail的時候,因為之前有註冊過AVG Beta網站的會員,看到了「AVG Beta Team」寄了封信標題為「AVG 2011 consumer 2nd BETA and first BETA of SMB products available!」

裡面還有附帶AVG Beta網站網址,以及說明發佈了AVG 2011 Beta2,銘想了一下,AVG 2011 Beta第一個版本號也發佈了挺久了,銘好像一直都沒有發佈消息..

AVG這次發佈的測試產品是旗下的「AVG Internet Security 2011」產品,如果對AVG產品有興趣的使用者,可以到下方搶先嘗鮮:


AVG Beta Team官方信件內容

Dear testers of AVG 2011 BETA,

We’re very happy to let you know, that updated AVG 2011 BETA2 version has been just made available in the Beta Portal for download and is also available as a program update to those of you who are already running the first BETA version of AVG 2011.

Information about testing the updated version together with summary of fixed issues (and updated “Known Bugs” list) is available for you in the AVG Beta program, project AVG Internet Security 2011 BETA.

Please test this version, verify all bug reports, which have been fixed as well as newly introduced features. Let us know in case you spot any problems during the process.

Together with second BETA of AVG 2011 consumer product, we’re delighted to invite you to join our SMB products testing as well. You can join this test project under AVG 2011 – Business Products BETA.

To visit Beta program homepage now – click here.

Thank you all for your support and feedback! We really appreciate it!

Jiri Tuma

AVG Beta Team



Note: You are receiving this e-mail based on your registration in AVG Beta Program. To unsubscribe, you can cancel your Beta Program registration at: https://secure.avg.com/ww-en/73486. If you feel you have received this e-mail in error, please contact us at beta.manager@avg.com.

Second BETA of AVG Internet Security 2011 just arrived!

AVG 2011 BETA2 replaces the existing version (beta1), fixing some of the discovered and known issues. List of known and fixed issues has been updated (access it here).

To update from previous BETA1 version you can use either the BETA2 installation package (new Online Installer available!) or run program update from within your AVG 2011 BETA1 installation (click the Update now button and confirm all available updates).

Important note:BETA2 does not have any debug logging enabled. Please check the speed and performance of the product (from installation to normal product use).

If you reported a problem which has not been fixed yet, we’d like to ask you to review the situation with the new BETA2 package.

Of course, any new problems that you encounter, make sure to feed them back to us through bug reports. In case of need, we’ll require your cooperation in identifying the situation.

Last but not least–we’ve prepared another areas of focus, we’d like to hear from you about. Visit theFeedback Formssection of the project to fill in the newly available questionnaire.

Thank you for joining the AVG 2011 BETA testing.

AVG Beta Team


Known issues for AVG IS BETA2 2011 for endpoint stations:
It is not possible to upgrade from previous versions 8.x and 9.x. – FIXED in BETA2

Repair installation might not be fully functional under some conditions. – FIXED in BETA2

To add/remove components from the product, user needs to use full package (cannot use Add/Remove feature from Windows Control Panel). – FIXED in BETA2

Uninstallation process might leave files on a harddrive.

PC Analyzer is not functional in Beta1. – FIXED in BETA2

AVG Gadgets aren’t correctly displayed in some languages. – FIXED in BETA2

After finishing the uninstallation process, it might be necessary to start Windows FW manually (automatic startup might fail). – FIXED in BETA2

It is necessary to restart the systema fter installation even when not requested. – FIXED in BETA2

Firefox 4 Beta is not supported.


AVG Internet Security 2011 Beta2