AVG9.0SP3 Beta版本釋出、開放下載測試.

今天回家電腦一開就先開Gmail收信,贊助廠商是沒送信來…,倒是 … AVG送來了一封郵件,因為我看不懂英文 …,

標題是這樣:AVG 9.0 – SP3 BETAs available!

我就上了一下AVPClub 原來是 .. AVG 釋出SP3 Beta版本,提供下載…,



‘Service Pack 3’ BETA version of the following products has just been released for public testing:

–          AVG Internet Security 9.0

–          AVG Standalone LinkScanner 9.0

–          Remote Administration 9.0

Successful launch of these BETAs will be followed by AVG Email/File Server Edition SP3 BETA release during this week.

What has changed?
This service pack is focused merely on delivering fixes to highly critical issues (as identified and evaluated internally) as well as providing minor improvements in product functionality and usability. For instance – AVG 9.0 (client) changes relate to detection, caching, firewall and user interface improvements. Remote Administration focuses primarily on console usability changes and small bug fixes.


這封信件大致上來說是再說9.0仍然擁有許多重大的Bug,所以釋出SP3 Beta版本,

AVG Internet Security 9.0已知Bug(這部份引用integear大大):

List of known bugs for AVG 9.0 SP3 (build 775):
* Search Shield functionality is not fully working in Gmail environment.
* Toolbar cannot be correctly disabled (uninstalled) under Windows 7.
* Missing LinkScanner ratings in older versions of Firefox (2.x).
* Flyovers and ratings may not be properly shown in highly specific situation.


AVG9.0SP30 Beta 版本請於下面做下載.

※AVG9.0SP3 Beta測試版序號(官方提供免費測試):

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