Avira Antivirus Pro

Avira 整合產品線,付費版本統一整合為:Antivirus Pro

Avira(小紅傘) 最近發表 Update 5 Beta 測試版,更新列表中除了有新的 UI 之外,並宣布整合旗下所有家用產品線(付費授權),付費版本統一為「」不再有 Avira AntiVirus Security suite、Avira Internet Security Suite、Avira Family Protection Suite、Avira Ultimate Protection Suite 之區分。並且在所有版本移除 Avira SearchFree 工具列,算是很大的一次變動!


New beta build:

Those are the latest changes we did for update 5:

  • Refreshed GUI

A fresh look of the product, applying the latest corporate identity graphics

  • Antivirus Pro (plus licensing)

Starting with this update, there is going to be only one single paid product, called Antivirus Pro. It replaces all existing antivirus components from the following product suites: AV Suite, Internet Security Suite, Family Protection Suite, Ultimate Protection Suite.

It accepts licenses from all above antivirus products and also the currently maintained products Antivirus Suite, Internet Security Suite and Ultimate Protection Suite will be migrated to this product automatically.

  • Server Security product release on latest state

This update fixes various bugs (related to remote commands, events, quarantine, MMC integration) and adds some performance improvements (boot time performance) .

The support for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 has been improved for some special cases.

  • New AIRS (Avira Intelligent Repair System) functionality (reboot handling, quarantine handling, extended API)

The latest repair functions are updated.

  • Do not offer the toolbar anymore in all products

From now on, all products will be delivered without the SearchFree toolbar.

  • System Tray application improvements

Fixed various bugs, reduced the amount of events written which might have slowed down the computer

And here some screen shots from my system