Avira(小紅傘)V10 即將釋出.

卡飯論壇有人收到官方寄來的郵件 , 提示 AviraV10版本即將釋出,信件內容如下:

Version 10, the newest edition of Avira anti-virus is coming – delivering plenty of extra security and new features. For you this means: worry-free online shopping, guaranteed safe surfing and of course maximum network security. In other words: Version 10 has been developed especially to make online life even easier and safer.
As a valued Avira subscriber, you’ll automatically be upgraded to the latest version, free-of-charge. We will roll-out the new version automatically along with our daily updates. You’ll immediately notice the revamped user interface, improved functionality, and even more freedom from worries. You’ll find more details on what’s new and what’s improved in this edition of the Avira Newsletter.
We hope you enjoy this issue. Stay secure!
Your Avira Team


Hot topic: Avira version 10 – now with more security for you(主要功能):

Avira proudly presents Avira Version 10, the next generation of virus protection. We’re giving a makeover to all our solutions, from the free basic security version through to our flagship AntiVir Professional for business. As well as a new look, all versions also feature easier user guidance systems to ensure maximum protection. Furthermore, we’re adding a number of new security features – free-of-charge, of course!
The new features at a glance:
Generic repair (Personal, Premium, Suite and Professional versions)
This function is certain to please all those switching to Avira. That’s because Avira enables them not only to detect and delete malware like viruses, worms or Trojans, but also to repair damage that has already occurred.
AntiVir ProActiv (Premium, Suite and Professional)
AntiVir ProActiv sets up tiny sensors on your PC to continuously monitor the system. Any unusual activity triggers an alarm, meaning that attacks and harmful content can be detected and prevented even when the actual code is so new that it has not yet been identified. This means detection of and protection against tomorrow’s security threats, even if they’re mutated versions that have never before been seen in the wild.
Extended parental control (exclusive to the Avira Suite)
Avira Version 10 makes the Internet safer for your kids. New features include the ability to block more undesirable websites, and also to limit the amount of time your children spend on the Net.
New firewall (Professional edition)
The AntiVir Professional version for networks and businesses includes ProActiv, our innovative early-warning system against threats. The new version includes a new firewall as standard in the Professional edition, plus extended functionality for the Security Management Center, our central management tool.
Version 10 is coming soon – check back at www.avira.com for more information.



若有想要測試Beta版本 可以移駕至另外一篇文章,內有銘整理出的載點 –

Avira(小紅傘) V10Security Suite Beta2/Beta3 / Professional Beta3 載點釋出